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Antique® Pavers

Style and Presence - The unique, varied texture and subtly blended tones of Antique Limestone leave a timeless imprint on even the most discerning eye.


Size: L: 400 x W: 400 x H: 40 mm

Number per square metre: 6.25

Units per Pallet: 108

Units per Tonne: 69.44

Colours Available: Limestone, Bluestone


Bullnose 400 x 400 x 40 mm (Made to Order)

Number per lineal metre: 2.5

Units per Pallet: 108

Units per Tonne: 72.99

Colours Available: Limestone, Bluestone


Cobble Strip

Size: L: 400 x W: 100 x H: 40 mm

Number per lineal metre: 2.5

Units per Pallet: 351

Units per Tonne: 277.80

Colours Available: Bluestone Only


  • Paths
  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Pools
  • Steps



    Catering to a range of modern and classic design schemes, the Stoneworks® paving collection will give your outdoor area the individual touch it’s been waiting for.

    Stoneworks® pavers offer flexible installation options, require little maintenance and most are thick enough to be laid directly on crushed rock and sand. This saves you time and reduces costs making your dream outdoor design a reality.