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Broadway Paver

Applications: Pools, Paths, Courtyards, Patios

Slip Resistance: P5


Broadway 150

Size: 300L x 150W x 60H

Number per square metre: 22.2

Colours Available: Almond, Charcoal

Units per Pallet: 320

Units per Tonne: 200

Broadway 300

Size: 300L x 300W x 50H

Number per square metre: 11.11

Colours Available: Almond, Charcoal, Sandune

Units per Pallet: 160

Units per Tonne: 102

Broadway 400

Size: 400L x 400W x 45H

Number per square metre: 6.25

Colours Available: Almond, Charcoal, Stone, Sandune

Units per Pallet: 108

Units per Tonne: 60