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Daughter Peacock Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Endearments Cards

Caption: Daughter

Inside Verse: You explore your life with mindfulness and compassion. How very fortunate we are to watch you grow! The gentleness of your spirit is a consistent reminder of the vibrant beauty in this world. Stay curious about your surroundings and intuitive about your future, be attentive to those around you. You are an equal balance of strength and grace, intelligence and determination, love and wisdom. We respect and appreciate that you are on an everlasting journey of self-discovery, and are happy for you to keep on rediscovering your authentic self. Continue to spread your wings, and seek your own inner peace and joy. We love you and are overjoyed about the person you are, and look forward to seeing you unfold like a beautiful flower. Daughter, you are loved so much.

Envelope Colour: FAIRY FLOSS  

Size: 130 x 187