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Hastings Retaining Wall Blocks

Body Blocks, Capping and Corners

For colour, style, and presence, Hastings creates a bold statement thanks to its realistic naturally-inspired tones and rugged facings.

COLOURS: Alpine, Beach, Charcoal, Sepia


  • Curved walls
  • Straight walls
  • Corners
  • Steps
  • Min radius: approx. 1200mm
  • Maximum wall height: 800mm (3m when engineered, refer to technical manual)


Body Blocks:

Size: 390L x 245W x 200H mm

Number per square metre: 13

Units per Pallet: 72

Units per Tonne: 47


Size: 195L x 245W x 90H mm

Units per Pallet: 208

Units per Tonne: 117


Size: 340L x 140W x 200H mm

Units per Pallet: 96

Units per Tonne: 50


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