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Kids Reusable Face Masks


Available in a range of colourful prints and sizes for both Kids and Adults, the Reusable Masks are designed to prevent the transmission of airborne particles up to 2.5 microns with their thoughtful blend of fabric technology and disposable filters. Complete with a sleek and compact display solution for wholesale stockists, the range offers a fashionable and environmentally-conscious alternative to disposable masks that customers are sure to love!


Includes 3 filter inserts and adjustable straps!
Easy-to-wash fabric, making them ideal to use and re-use!
Cotton inner layer, printed polyester outer layer!
Comfortable and breathable!
How to care for me:

Each filter lasts for up to 1 month or 60 hours - whichever comes first
Wash mask before first use, then wash mask thoroughly and often in hot, soapy water - recommended after 8 hours of use.
Kids Face Mask suitable for children over the age of 2