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Love Curved Bridge Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Morning Star Cards

Caption: Love

Verse: When we are together I feel so free to be the person who is really me. You make my heart race when we are together, I cherish those moments so deeply until forever. Your words are sweet, so kind and true, always expressing how much our love means to you. Your smile cheers me up when I am feeling blue, your tender kiss gives me joy to last the day through. The gentleness of your hand, the understanding of your touch, your glowing eyes say “I love you so very much”. We have confidence in each other, the sweet and patient ways, the thoughtful things you do so often, sometimes without much praise. Your love conquers all my fears and protects my heart, thank you my love, I never wish to be apart. We both started on each side of the bridge, and meeting at the middle, now moving forward together hand in hand. I love you.

Envelope Colour: FAIRY FLOSS  

Size: 130 x 187