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Mum Garden Wall Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Morning Star Cards

Caption: Mum Birthday

Inside Verse: Mum you are very precious to me, you are beautiful, strong and graceful, thank you for your faith in me, through bad times and good. You have provided many hours of comfort, through all my tears, you have always helped to calm me, to provide me with strength and courage to fight through my fears. Your love is endless and selfless, overcoming challengesy, for nothing can destroy it, or ever take it away. You have guided my dreams, and given me hope, embraced me with hugs and kisses. There are so many of life’s lessons that you have helped me to blend into the essence that is of me. Mum you are full of love and life, you are like a guardian angel in my life. I Love you so much!

Envelope Colour: PINK  


Size: 130 x 187