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Grandson Birthday Lake Pier Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Morning Star Cards

Caption: Grandson Birthday

Inside Verse: We treasure the beloved memories that we have made altogether. Looking forward with excitement as you reach and surpass each new milestone, each accomplish, and every new goal and dream, We are so proud of you. Whilst you may encounter twists and turns along the way. Always know we are there for you. To give advice when needed, and help whenever we can. Never forget who you are, your braveness and strength. The kindness and care from your heart, have made you the wonderful Grandson you are today. Your laughter and smiles, they are warm and joyful, and seem to go on for miles, Stay confident in who you are, this journey is yours to write, for wherever life will take you, you will always remain an exceptional young man. No matter how near or far apart we are, you will always be right there in our hearts, Dearest Grandson

Envelope Colour: ORANGE  

Size: 130 x 187