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Daughter Lotus Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Morning Star Cards

Caption: Daughter

Inside Verse: Our daughter, you are our joy, our strength, our lotus in bloom. You are our precious gift, the glow that lights up our lives every day. Having you as a daughter, brings us endless happiness. Our hearts overflow with delight each time we look into your beautiful, loving face. Like the lotus flower, you are a shimmering bright star in our world. You are our symbol of perfect love. We love your boundless, vibrant energy and vow to help you reach all your dreams no matter how big. Always know we will guide and protect you on your journey through life. When the struggles of life seem too challenging, just remember our love, a symbol of hope and happiness we will always be there to help you overcome anything. Remain true to yourself, and your sparkle will never fade, just like our love for you. So proud to call you Daughter

Envelope Colour: PINK  

Size: 130 x 187