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Daughter Rainbow Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Morning Star Cards

Caption: Daughter From Mum Birthday

Inside Verse: When I look at you, I can’t help but see the baby you once were. I still remember the first time you nestled your head on my shoulder as I held you tight. The late nights and the early mornings. The messy breakfasts and the sweet kisses. I remember waving goodbye to you as you walked into school for the first time. I held back tears, as you were ready to let go – even if I wasn’t. Through the stages of parenting, there’s learning acceptance, as well as the constant worry but endless love. It’s long days, but nights filled with hugs. And every minute is worth it. I take inspiration from your positive vibrant energy, you are such a beautiful soul, a heart filled with kindness and inner strength. As the years go on, some things may change, But one thing will always be certain. I’m so proud of the person you’ve become. I will love you forever, with all my heart. Dearest Daughter

Envelope Colour: PALE PINK  

Size: 130 x 187