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Son Lighthouse Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Morning Star Cards

Caption: Son From Mum Birthday

Inside Verse: It has been an incredible adventure to raise you over the years. To watch you learn, grow, and transform into the fine young man I see before me today. My heart will always follow you wherever you go. I know you will achieve more than you now envision. You have all the confidence and self belief you need to continue to be the great person you are. Your kindness and love brings a warm glow to our family, it is appreciated and will always be reciprocated. You will never need to do anything to earn my love, it is given without conditions. You are my son, and that is the greatest gift I ever could have received. You are a joy within my life and I want the whole world to know. Even if the circumstances of life may keep us apart for a little while, you will always be my beloved Son. Know that I am very proud. You are always in my thoughts, and you are always surrounded by those who love you dearly, I love you to the stars and back, Forever and Always!

Size: 130 x 187