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Tropics Solemate Card


Season: Everyday

Range: New Horizons - Morning Star Cards

Caption: Soulmate

Inside Verse: You opened your heart and shared your dreams, I am eternally grateful for the trust that you have shown me. With you I have rediscovered myself, remembering how to feel, to laugh and to love. As we adventure through life together, our two hearts will forever beat as one. Your sweet words constantly touch my heart. I love the soft kisses, your gentle caressing touch, the way our eyes meet, your smooth kind words that are spoken from your heart. Your commitment to our love is so very much appreciated as is your willingness to nurture these feelings for each other every day. I treasure our love, you are my Soulmate. With all my love

Envelope Colour: ENV LILAC BLUE  


Size: 130 x 187