French Paving Design

French Paving Design

Creating an affordable French Pattern with Concrete Pavers

This French Design combines AdraPAVE, CentroPAVE, SierraPAVE and LedaPAVE  to create this unique pattern. If you’re after an affordable alternative to french pattern travertine… this French Design is the way to go.


Colour Choices:


Estimating Quantity of Pavers Required

Rectangular Areas

    1. Measure the length (L) and width (W) of the area to be paved.
    2. Multiply the L x W to work out the area (m2).

Odd Shaped Areas

    1. Break the area down into smaller shapes and calculate individual areas.
    2. Add the areas together to get the total area

Triangular Areas

    1. Measure the base (B) and height (H) of the triangular area to be paved.
    2. Multiply the B x H and divide by 2 (B x H x ½) to work out the area (m2).


  1. Once the site is prepared, choose a corner of the area to be paved to start in.

  2. Start by laying the LedaPAVE in the corner and work out from that corner repeating the pattern as it is shown in the diagram.

For a more detailed step by step guide, email us and we can send you a brochure.


Concrete pavers can offer numerous benefits for outdoor projects:

1. Durability: Resistant to weathering, cracking, and erosion, concrete pavers ensure long-lasting performance in various climates.

2. Versatility: Available in various sizes, shapes, colours, and textures, concrete pavers provide endless design possibilities for pathways, driveways, patios, and more.

3. Low Maintenance: 
Easy to clean and maintain, concrete pavers require minimal upkeep compared to other materials like natural stone or wood.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: 
Concrete pavers offer an affordable alternative to materials like brick or natural stone while providing comparable aesthetics and durability.

5. DIY-Friendly Installation: 
With interlocking designs and simple installation techniques, concrete pavers are suitable for DIY projects, saving time and labor costs.

6. Eco-Friendly: 
Made from locally-sourced materials and recyclable components, concrete pavers contribute to sustainable landscaping practices.

7. Increased Property Value: 
Enhancing curb appeal and outdoor living spaces, concrete pavers can increase the value of residential and commercial properties.

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