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Contempo 2 Bird Fountain


Introducing the Contempo 2 Bird Fountain LED: A sleek addition to your outdoor space, blending grey/black hues with LED lights for a modern touch. Measuring 46x35cm, it offers both auditory and visual delight with the soothing sound of water and customizable LED ambiance. Elevate your outdoor experience with this stylish fountain, day or night.

Colours: Dark Grey & Light Grey 

Size: 46cm long x 35cm wide x 35cm high

Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete

Does this fountain have LED Lights? Yes

Is this fountain supplied with a pump? Yes! This fountain is supplied with a 240 Volt Electric Pump.

Is this fountain compatible with a solar pump? Absolutely. The best size Solar Pump for this water feature would be RSF175

Please Note: Fountains with LED lights are compatible with solar pumps however the LED lights will not work when running on the solar pump.