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Custom Paving Range

Manufacturers of quality hand-made concrete pavers, coping and landscaping products. Every piece is individually made with a variety of contemporary colours that are blended all the way through.

Colours available: Ivory, Merino, Desert Sand, Olive, Cocoa, Smokey Grey, Gun Metal, Charcoal

3 Finishes available: Silkstone, Sandstone and Slate

Size                                (mm - LxWxH) Pcs per m2 Qty per pallet Finish: Silkstone Finish: Sandstone Finish: Slate
200 x 200 x 40 25 408 Yes x x
175 x 350 x 40 16 270 x x Yes
200 x 400 x 40 12.5 204 Yes Yes x
300 x 300 x 40 11.1 153 Yes x x
360 x 360 x 40 7.7 153 x Yes x
400 x 400 x 40 6.25 102 Yes Yes Yes
600 x 300 x 40 5.5 90 Yes x x
600 x 400 x 40 4.16 68 Yes Yes x
450 x 450 x 40 4.9 60 Yes Yes x
800 x 400 x 45 3.125 45 Yes x x
600 x 600 x 45 2.77 48 Yes Yes x
800 x 800 x 45 1.56 13 Yes x x
1000 x 300 x 50 3.3 30

Granico (Polished Silkstone) only

Some Technical Info:

With the use of natural products, some colour, tonal, size variations and air bubbles can be expected. Tolerances as per Australian standards include thickness +/‐ 2.5mm, dimension (plan) +/‐ 3mm and up to 4% chipped or damaged. Industry-standard is to order approx. 5% greater than the required area to accommodate cuts and damage due to handling. If you find any product that is outside tolerances or damaged, put them aside for cuts. Please note some textures have natural high and low points at edge due to surface design. Thicknesses are calculated on a mean basis.

For best results, pavers should be laid on a concrete base using suitable adhesive. A flexible cement-based tile adhesive is preferred, or cement mortar but it should be free of salts. Using a 10mm notched trowel and sufficient adhesive/mortar to provide a solid bed of at least 3mm and level pavers individually. Alternatively, road base of 100mm depending on use, well compacted in layers can be used with a screed of clean washed sand to approx. 20‐25mm. A grout line of 8mm to 12mm is recommended and small joint width variations will become unnoticeable after grouting.

Clean pavers with hot water and a scrubbing brush. For stains and pre-cleaning before sealing, we recommend ANTI EFF. For protection and ease of cleaning, a quality penetrating sealer should be used, especially in high use areas, areas prone to moisture and especially around pool areas subject to salt and chemicals. See the relevant manufacturers guide.