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Basalt Rocks

Quality basalt rocks from the Northern Tablelands of NSW. It is an extremely durable project with a naturally flat profile.

Suitable for a variety of unique design projects including walling, paving and step treads  Rocks are graded for individual requirements. Sizes range from paving size to large stepping stones in varying thickness. 

  • Suitable for mortar work
  • Ideal for dry stone walling
  • Excellent low slip surface, suitable for paving and pool surrounds
  • Recommended for water features and natural ponds
  • Ideal for small or large projects


(B) Small Grade:

  • Under 40mm thick
  • Below 300mm diameter
  • 14 m2 per pallet


(C) Medium Grade:

  • 25mm-50mm thick
  • 200mm - 600mm diameter
  • 10 m2 per pallet


(D) Large Grade:

  • 50mm - 100mm thick
  • 300mm - 600mm diameter


(E) Small Blocks:

  • Various thicknesses
  • One man lift
  • Ideal for walling stone


(F) Large Blocks:

  • Various thicknesses
  • Two man lift or bobcat
  • Ideal for large walls


(G) Slabs:

  • 75mm - 150mm thick
  • 600mm + diameter
  • Ideal for step treads and large flagstone areas


* These need to be ordered in

Limited only by your imagination