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Black Galvanised Post Caps

Black Galvanised Post Caps

Post Caps for Safe & Stylish Retaining Walls!

Advance the aesthetics and safety of your retaining wall with our premium Post Caps. Crafted with precision, these caps feature a sturdy 6mm thickness and rounded corners, eliminating any sharp edges for added safety. Specifically designed to fit the Black Galvanised end, joiner, and corner posts, these caps provide a seamless and polished finish to your landscaping project.

Weight: Approximately 0.5kg each

H Cap: 105 x 100 x 6mm
C Cap: 100 x 50 x 6mm
90 CNR Cap: 150 x 100 x 6mm

Step Down caps also available in 150mm and 300mm

Step down caps have been designed to cap off the H joiner post when stepping down in wall height by one or two sleeper increments giving the wall a clean finished look while taking away any sharp edges.



How do we attach the caps?
Simply attach to the steel post using Toolbox Adhesive or Landscapers Liquid Nails.


Have the regular Galvanised steel posts? See the caps for those here

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