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Bradstone Old Town® Pavers

Rustic Style - Revive the heritage of old-world paving with a homely style and aged appearance.

Capture the timeless charm of weathered, reclaimed flagstones with BRADSTONE® Old Town Pavers. Transport yourself to a nostalgic era with Old Town, evoking the romance of days gone by. Delicately textured and subtly weathered, these pavers boast varied tones and textures, mimicking the handcrafted allure of aged stone. Designed to be arranged in patterns reminiscent of European cobblestone streets and vine-covered courtyards, Old Town Pavers infuse any space with rustic elegance.

While perfectly suited for traditional settings, their expansive, flat flagstone design also complements modern gardens, infusing them with rustic allure and a cozy, well-lived aesthetic.

Colours Available: Gironde, Grey Green, Brunswick


Bradstone 300

Size: L: 300 x W: 300 x H: 40 mm

Weight: 7.40kg

Quantity Per m2:  11

Quantity Per Liner Metre: 3.33

Quantity Per Pallet: 156

Quantity Per Tonne: 135.10

Material: Masonry


Bradstone 450

Size: L: 450 x W: 300 x H: 40 mm

Weight: 10.90kg

Quantity Per m2:  7.41

Quantity Per Liner Metre: 2.22

Quantity Per Pallet: 104

Quantity Per Tonne: 91.74

Material: Masonry


Bradstone 600

Size: L: 600 x W: 300 x H: 40 mm

Weight: 14.80kg

Quantity Per m2:  5.5

Quantity Per Liner Metre: 1.66

Quantity Per Pallet: 78

Quantity Per Tonne: 67.57

Material: Masonry


Bradstone Bullnose (Made to Order)

Size: L: 450 x W: 310 x H: 40 mm

Weight: 11kg

Quantity Per m2:  N/A

Quantity Per Liner Metre: 2.22

Quantity Per Pallet: 90

Quantity Per Tonne: 90.91

Material: Masonry


    Recommended Use: Paths, Patios, Courtyards, Pools, Steps


    Available in 6m2 and 12m2 Random Packs 

    6m2 contains 15 of each size, weight: 2.05 packs per tonne

    12m2 contains 30 of each size, weight 1 pack per tonne


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    Do these need to be sealed after installation?

    For maximum protection we suggest pavers are sealed after installation with a penetrating sealer. Re-seal pavers as required, paying extra attention to heavy wear areas and salt- water locations.