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Drivepave® Pavers


With its innovative spacer lugs, precise face dimensions, and impeccable deep bevels, Drivepave sets the standard for style, durability, and functionality. Crafted for modern aesthetics and lasting performance, its modular sizing with spacer lugs minimizes chipping and enhances drainage.

Engineered for domestic driveways accommodating vehicles up to 3T GVM, Drivepave® is fortified with Sika additive to resist water and mineral absorption, reducing staining, and utilizes superior Bayferrox® oxides for vibrant, long-lasting color. Compliant with stringent Australian Standards, Drivepave® assures quality and reliability for every installation.


Colours: Charcoal, Sand

Size: 230mm long x 115mm wide x 50mm high

Weight: 3.1kg

Quantity Per m2: 38

Quantity Per Pallet: 500

Quantity Per Tonne: 333.3

Material: Concrete

Recommended Use: Patios, Courtyards, Outdoor Living, Pathways, Residential Driveways


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Can these pavers be used for a driveway? 
Yes, these pavers can be used can be used for driveways for residential vehicles (under 3 tonnes) as long as they are laid onto a solid, compacted foundation. 

How can these pavers be laid? 
When being used for driveways, these pavers MUST be laid in what is called a herringbone pattern (see pictures below).
When being used for driveways these pavers are best to be laid into this pattern because it makes them tightly interlock to each other making it difficult for them to move ensuring they can handle significant weight.

You can choose between a 45 Degree herringbone pattern or a 90 Degree herringbone pattern. 

 45 Degree Herringbone Pattern:

90 Degree Herringbone Pattern: