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Easy Edge Blocks

The WEED FREE garden edging solution

Say goodbye to weeding between your garden brick edging with Easy Edge.

Our unique design closes gaps to obstruct weeds from growing between bricks. Quick and easy to install, Easy Edge can be laid along straight or curved walls for garden borders, small fire pits, tree surrounds – or to simply separate your garden

Colours Available: Canyon, Charcoal, Ivory, Pebble

Size: 135/90 (L) x 140 (W) x 90 (H) mm

Weight: 2.94kg

Quantity per l/m: 9

Quantity per pallet: 480

Quantity per tonne: 340

Material: Concrete

Recommended Use: Straight or curved walls, tree surrounds, fire pits, garden and lawn edging and garden walls

Max wall height: 180mm

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How many do I need to create a circle?
The smallest circle you can create with easyedge is 19 units - External Diameter of 820mm, Internal Diameter of 540mm.

Do I need to use an adhesive for the placement of additional courses?
Yes, we do recommend using a concrete masonry adhesive e.g. masonry liquid nails.