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Edgepave Pavers

The streamlined design of Edgepave® is intended specifically for stylish and economical garden edging. We recommend Drivepave® with its slightly larger dimensions and smart spacer nibs for extensive pavements like driveways and courtyards.

SIZE: 200(L) x 100(w) x 50(h) mm

QTY PER M2: 50



COLOURS: Charcoal, Sand



  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Outdoor Living
  • Paths
  • Garden Edging
  • Domestic Driveways
  • Mower strip


About Edgepave®

Try laying Edgepave® directly into wet or dry concrete mix poured into a shallow trench to reduce opportunities for your lawn to invade your garden. Also ideal for mower strips in front of retaining walls or even garden paths.

  • Economical and strong garden edging and mower strips
  • Smooth sides (no spacer nibs) allowing easier weed control on lawn edges
  • Superior laying a breeze for installers
  • Pressed face ensures no unsightly slick lines or jagged edges
  • Sika additive controls water and mineral absorption to reduce staining
  • Superior Bayferrox® oxides provide deep, long lasting colour pigmentation
  • Manufactured to strict Australian Standards