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Euro® Stone Pavers

Euro® Stone is a premium large format paver available in two sizes which features a highly detailed, exposed aggregate surface texture that compliments every landscape environment.


Euro® Stone 400 x 400 x 40 mm

Qty per m2: 6.25

Qty per l/m: 2.5

Qty per pallet: 108

Qty per tonne: 67

Colours: Riverina, Zurich, Prague

Slip Rating: P5


Euro® Stone 600 x 400 x 40 mm

Qty per m2: 4.17

Qty per l/m: 1.66

Qty per pallet: 72

Qty per tonne: 46

Colours: Zurich, Prague

Slip Rating: P5



  • Pool surrounds
  • Courtyards
  • Driveway Safe*
  • Patio and garden pavers


About Euro® Stone

This distinctive paver has an exposed aggregate surface to highlight the natural stones within. Easy to install, it will add the professional, designer touch to your pool surrounds or courtyard.

  • Unique exposed aggregate surface
  • Shotblasted for slip resistance
  • Dense weight
  • High resistance to salt attack
  • Calibrated paver for consistent size and easy laying
  • Pool surrounds
  • Courtyards and entertaining areas
  • Stepping stones and step treads
  • Garden paths and footpaths
  • Patios and garden pavers
  • * Driveway Safe - When adhered onto a suitably prepared concrete base.


Sharknose also available in 400x400x40mm
These are special made to order products and lead times apply.