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Garden Fairies


Behold the wonder of a fairy garden crafted with magical energy! Experience the delightful designs of many different statues, with a glorious white finish. Some designs even offer solar LED lights, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere!

Fairy with Mushroom                    24cm x 21.5cm x 17

Fairy Standing 30cm                     30cm x 17cm x 12cm

Fairy Planter                                  19cm x 30cm x 14cm

Fairy Sitting                                   29cm 29cm x 17cm x 14cm

Fairy Sitting                                   23cm 23cm x 22cm x 20cm

Fairy Sitting 22cm                         22cm x 19cm x 16cm

Fairy Sitting 19cm                         19cm x 15cm x 12cm

Fairy Lying Down 26cm                16cm x 26cm x 14cm

Fairy Lying Down (No Colour)      16cm x 26cm x 14cm

Fairy Leaning 18cm                       18cm x 17cm x 15

Fairy Leaning 17cm                       17cm x 17cm x 14cm

Fairy Leaning (No Colour)             17cm x 17cm x 14cm

Fairy Welcome                               20cm x 20cm x 14cm

Angel with Bird                              22cm x 17cm x 15cm

Fairy LED Solar 20cm                     20cm x 15cm x 13cm