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Garden Mix

Garden Mix

Introducing our Garden Mix, a blend meticulously crafted to enrich your gardening endeavors. Packed with a harmonious combination of premium sand, nutrient-rich soil, and organic compost, this mix is tailored to nurture your plants and cultivate vibrant greenery. Whether you're tending to garden beds, nurturing delicate seedlings, or landscaping around majestic trees, our Garden Mix provides the essential foundation for healthy growth and flourishing landscapes.

With delivery options available, enhancing your outdoor space has never been easier. Simply order and receive your Garden Mix right at your doorstep, ready to breathe life into your garden projects. Transform your outdoor oasis into a haven of lush foliage and blooming beauty with our Garden Mix, your trusted companion for vibrant and thriving gardens.

Approximate Weight per m3: 1.1 Tonnes

Does this product compact? Yes

Ideal Applications: Raised Garden Beds, Lawns, Flower Beds, Pots & Planters 

Is this product available for delivery: Yes! Give our friendly staff a call on 02 6762 0650 to organize your delivery today!

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