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Gardenwall Flushface


The Gardenwall® Retaining Wall System by National Masonry® is the top-ranking "Link" block system currently available on the market. These blocks have been designed according to strict Australian Standards and coloured using Bayferrox® colour pigments to ensure fantastic hues for centuries to come. 

Designed for the DIY home handy-man, Gardenwall Flushface's single block shape allows for quick and simple installation without the need for corner blocks or finishing caps. Whether creating straight or curved walls, this versatile product is a must-have for your next project.


Colours: Charcoal, Light Sands, Beach

Size: 295mm long x 203mm wide x 125mm high

Weight: 11.3kg

Quantity Per m2: 26.9

Quantity Per Liner Metre: 3.33

Quantity Per Pallet: 120

Quantity Per Tonne: 87.72

Material: Concrete

Recommended Use: Straight Retaining Walls up to 1000mm high, Curved Retaining Walls up to 1000mm high, Garden Edging, Fire Pits, Circular Garden Beds

Max wall height: 1000mm


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How many do I need to create a circle?
The smallest circle you can create is 12 units- External Diameter of 1280mm, Internal Diameter of 860mm.