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Gardenwall Soft Split

A versatile wall with a straight and curved splitface suitable for both straight and curved walls, this is a simple system to install where one block fits all.

Colours Available: Charcoal, Cocoa, Paperbark, Portstone

Size: 295(l) x 210(w) x 125(h) mm

Number per square metre: 26.9

Number per lineal metre: 3.33

Units per Pallet: 100

Units per Tonne: 71.4


  • Max. wall height 1000mm
  • Straight Walls
  • Curved Walls

About Gardenwall® SoftSplit

  • Soft Split in Tri-face design available for budget conscious
  • Straight and curved walls
  • 1 in 5 set-back for easy installation
  • No additional corners or caps required
  • Bayferrox® colour pigments provide long lasting finish
  • Manufactured to strict Australian Standards