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Keystone 133 Elite

The Keystone 133Elite® is the professionals choice for larger soil reinforced retaining wall applications.  With its unique interlocking pin system, the Keystone 133Elite® is a strong and secure wall system that accommodates a large range of applications and capable to be used in a variety of soil conditions.

Colours Available: Charcoal, Parchment 


  • Curved Wall
  • Straight Wall
  • Gravity & No Fines Walls
  • Geogrid Soil Reinforced Walls
  • Tiered Walls

About Keystone 133Elite®

  • Over-sized face dimensions provide excellent scale for large walls
  • Unique rear design allows 30% increase in face size with little impact on weight
  • Near vertical walls
  • High strength fibreglass pins ensure each unit securely interlocked and mechanical connection with geogrid
  • Capable of wall heights in excess of 10 metres when engineered
  • Easy construction of curved walls or straight walls
  • Rear tail design provides easy handling for installers
  • Rear design also allows very strong interlock with “no fines” concrete if used
  • Large face size makes for quick installation and 33% less pins required
  • RTA, QTMR approved walling system
  • Genuine splitface finish provides character and natural appeal


SIZE: 609 (L) x 309 (W) x 200 (H) mm

QTY PER M2: 8.3

QTY PER L/M: 1.64





Size: 609L x 205W x 100H

Units per Pallet: 72

Units per Tonne: 38.17

No per Lineal metre: 1.64