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Lawn Edge

Size: L: 230mm x D: 110mm x H: 80mm

Qty per l/m: 4.35

Qty per pallet: 280

Qty per tonne: 345

Colours: Charcoal, Oatmeal



  • Garden Edging
  • Lay two ways
  • Separate the lawn from the garden bed
  • Light weight great for DIY
  • High edge or mowing strip


About Lawn Edge

Lawn Edge is a versatile DIY friendly garden edging unit for use in home gardening projects. Separate your lawn from the garden bed, stop turf runners from creeping into your plants and create formal and well defined zones with this easy to install, light weight edger.

  • Separate the lawn from the garden bed
  • Lay two ways for high edge or mowing strip
  • Light weight great for DIY
  • Garden edging