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Lawn Rescue 2 Litre


Revitalise Your Lawn with Lawn Solutions Lawn Rescue

Your lawn's ultimate revitalisation solution in one convenient bottle. This blend of liquid fertilisers, seaweed extracts, and wetting agents feeds and drought-proofs your lawn in a single application. Whether during establishment, post-establishment, or post-winter revival, Lawn Rescue promotes robust root development and growth, restoring vitality to tired lawns. Suitable for all lawn varieties, its easy application with a clip-on hose attachment means no measuring or mixing. Just spray and watch your lawn thrive. Each 2-litre bottle treats up to 150m², ensuring ample coverage for your lawn care needs. 

Size: 2 Litres

Treats: up to 150m2

Material: Liquid Concentrate

Lawn Type: All lawn varieties

Organic: No

When to apply: Apply to established turf (best in early spring) or after new lawn is laid.


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How do I apply Lawn Rescue?
Shake Well before use, attach hose-on bottle to hose and remove plastic plug from sprayer. Apply evenly to lawn and lightly water-in after 

Further Safety Information and step by step instructions are found on the reverse of the bottle.