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Mystical Spirit Plaques


13 x 18cm

Believe - I trust and believe in myself I make wise decisions that are reflected in my life i believe in the magic of my dream

Daughter - You are so special you bring light and sparkles wherever you go never lose your Mystical Spirit

Dreams - Only those who open their hearts can catch their DREAMS

Family - Promise yourself to love with open arms and an open heart listen laugh together hug heaps tell each other how much you love them see how truly blessed you are 

Freedom - We are the dreamers and believers our spirit runs free and we create our wildest dreams

Friends - Surround yourself with people who get you, back you, believe in you and make your heart happy

Friendship - Our Friendship is as rare as unicorn tears

Mother and Daughter - We go together like unicorns and sparkly rainbows

Sisters - Together we can create the mystical magic where unicorns exist and dreams become reality