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Natural Impressions® Duostone

 Colours Available: Graphite, Ash



Size: L: 300mm x D: 165mm x H: 100mm

Qty per m2: 33.33

Qty per l/m: 3.33

Qty per pallet: 144

Qty per tonne: 105



Size: L: 300mm x D: 200mm x H: 50mm

Qty per l/m: 3.33

Qty per pallet: 216

Qty per tonne: 172



  • Straight walls
  • Garden beds
  • Curved garden walls
  • Planter boxes
  • Maximum unreinforced height: 700mm + Cap (7 courses)


About Natural Impressions® Duostone

Duostone is a designer garden ideal for garden edging and retaining walls. The unique block profile features a contrast of a natural stone-like texture and a contemporary, smooth surface with the random fusion resulting in finished walls that boast a modern architectural appeal.

  • Graphite is an ultra-dark colour from premium oxides
  • Max unreinforced height is 700mm plus caps
  • Suitable for use with Torpedo™ Base Block