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Natural Impressions® Duostone

Natural Impressions® Duostone


Introducing Natural Impressions® Duostone, a premium designer garden wall solution perfect for both edging and retaining walls. Its distinctive block profile seamlessly blends a natural stone-like texture with a sleek contemporary surface, resulting in walls that exude a sophisticated architectural charm.

The key features of our product are designed to elevate your landscaping projects with ease and versatility. Our modern profile seamlessly integrates contrasting textures within each unit, offering a dynamic visual appeal that sets your walls apart. With three distinct block profiles at your disposal, achieving a naturally textured aesthetic is effortless, allowing for personalized and visually striking designs. Additionally, our product is fully compatible with the Torpedo™ Base Block, enhancing its versatility and ensuring optimal stability for your outdoor structures.


Colours: Graphite and Ash



Size: L: 300 x D: 165 x H: 100mm

Weight: 8.8kg

Quantity Per m2: 33.33

Quantity Per Liner Metre:  3.33

Quantity Per Pallet: 144

Quantity Per Tonne: 105

Material: Masonry



Size: L: 300 x D: 200 x H: 50mm

Weight: 5.81kg

Quantity Per Liner Metre:  3.33

Quantity Per Pallet: 216

Quantity Per Tonne: 172

Material: Masonry

Recommended Use: Straight wall, Garden beds, Curved garden walls, Planter boxes, Steps, Garden Edging, Set back walls 

Maximum unreinforced height: 700mm + Cap (7 courses)

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How do we put the caps on?
There is no cap for the Classic Wall, however, we recommend using a concrete masonry adhesive e.g. masonry liquid nails to secure the last course.

Do we have to seal the wall?
It is not imperative, but sealing will protect the wall. Sealing products recommended are from Shalex Industries

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