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Natural Impressions® Flagstone

Natural Impressions® Flagstone


An innovative retaining wall system designed to effortlessly mimic the charm of natural stack stone walls. With its array of varying face profiles, this system ingeniously creates an authentic aesthetic when stacked together, perfect for enhancing any outdoor space.

Crafted with the DIY enthusiast in mind, the user-friendly ‘rear lip’ system simplifies the stacking process, ensuring straightforward assembly for both straight and curved garden walls, set back retaining walls, garden edging, steps, planter boxes, and even residential walls. With blended colours that seamlessly blend into any landscape, achieving a natural look has never been easier. Plus, with the option to build unreinforced walls up to 700mm high or more with engineering advice, you have the flexibility to realise your vision with confidence.


Colours Available: Bluestone, Sandstone



Size: L: 300 x D: 160 x H: 100mm

Weight: 9.10kg

Quantity Per m2: 33.33

Quantity Per Liner Metre: 3.33

Quantity Per Pallet: 144

Quantity Per Tonne: 105

Material: Masonry



Size: L: 300 x D: 200 x H: 50mm

Weight: 4.62kg

Quantity Per Liner Metre: 3.33

Quantity Per Pallet: 216

Quantity Per Tonne: 172

Material: Masonry


Recommended Use: Setback retaining wall, Residential walls, Straight or curved garden walls, Vegetable patches

Maximum unreinforced height: 700mm + Cap (7 courses)

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How do we put the caps on?
There is no cap for the Classic Wall, however, we recommend using a concrete masonry adhesive e.g. masonry liquid nails to secure the last course.

Do we have to seal the wall?
It is not imperative, but sealing will protect the wall. Sealing products recommended are from Shalex Industries

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