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Natural Impressions Flagstone

Product Size

L: 300mm x D: 160mm x H: 100mm

Maximum Unreinforced Height

700mm + Cap (7 courses)

  • Setback retaining wall
  • Residential walls
  • Straight or curved garden walls
  • Vegetable patches
About Natural Impressions® Flagstone

This unique, easy DIY retaining wall system features varying face profiles which, when used together create the impression of natural stack stone walls.

  • DIY friendly ‘rear lip’ system makes blocks easy to stack
  • Blended colours provide a natural look
  • Set back retaining walls
  • Straight or curved garden walls
  • Garden edging and steps
  • Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 700mm high or more with engineering advice