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Ostuni Porcelain Tiles

Ostuni Porcelain Tiles

Experience European Alfresco Charm with Ostuni Porcelain Tiles

European alfresco styling is only a step away when you consider the Ostuni natural stone marble, French pattern tile. With a textured weathered surface and a structured finish this tile is perfect as an alternative for outdoor pavers, in a modular French pattern.

The Ostuni Porcelain Tiles are crafted with a durable porcelain body, offering superior stain and water resistance. Cushioned edges ensure easy installation with a modular French pattern for authenticity. Perfect for external floors, walls, and areas requiring high anti-slip ratings. Available in four classic colours, embodying the essence of outdoor living with earthy tones.

Colours Available: Avorio, Grigio, Sabbia, Taupe

Material: Porcelain

Size: 440 x 660 or French Pattern

Recommended Use: External Floors or Walls, areas which require anti-slip


440 x 660 Tile

Pieces per m2: 3.45

Pieces per carton: 4

Cartons per pallet: 36


French Pattern

Pieces per carton: 1 set

Cartons per pallet: 44

French Pattern includes: 
220 x 220   2 pieces
220 x 440   1 piece
440 x 440   2 pieces
440 x 660   1 piece


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