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Penetrol Rust Treatment


Unlock the Potential of Penetrol: Superior Penetration for Rust Prevention and Paint Adhesion

Penetrol is a versatile blend of natural oils with penetrating powers 3 times more than water. It creeps into the most minute crevices and pinholes where ordinary paint and rust treatments cannot enter. Penetrol will soak all the way through the rust driving out air and moisture, taking away the 'food' rust needs to grow by turning the existing rust into protective coating. Further rust formations stopped and subsequent paint is assured of 100% adhesion.

Size: 300g

Can Measurement: 220mm high x 66mm diameter

Treats: Metal parts, trailers, trucks and boats.

Material: Aerosol

Colour: Clear

Solvent type: Mineral Turpentine


How do I use Penetrol?
Remove all loose paint and rust, dirt, oil and grease. Granular rust should not be removed. Spray Penetrol into all hard to get gaps and joints. Saturate surfaces until they look shiny when dry. 

Remember: The main thing about treating rust is that if you can't reach all areas of all surfaces, you are ultimately wasting your time.