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Romanstone Pavers

Stoneworks have taken the ingenuity and ageless beauty of the crazy paving of ancient Rome and molded it into the stunning Romanstone. This ingenious paver can be used as either a natural looking stepping stone for meandering garden paths or a tessellated pavement to create unique outdoor entertainment areas. Romanstone is so simple, bold, subtle and flexible, who says Rome can’t be built in a day?

The deliberate irregular surface texture of Romanstone means listed dimensions are an approximate guide only. Always lay Romanstone with at least 5mm wide joints to allow for this variation.

Colours: Storm, Dolomite, Noosa Sands and Cream

Size: Irregular Hexagon
Max Length - 630mm Max
Width - 460mm
thickness - 40mm

Pieces per m2: 5.3
Pieces per pallet: 60

Recommended Use: Pedestrian, Light Vehicle and Pool

Creating the Pattern:
1. On every paver, the shortest sides (“narrow end”) must be laid
together to form a 3 leafed clover pattern
2. Then lay the next 3 pavers with the 90 degree corner (“wide end”)
pointing to the centre of that clover pattern.
3. The wide ends must always point to the narrow ends of adjoining
4. The whole pattern is a simple repeat of that same 3 leafed clover