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Sandstone Explorer Concrete Sleepers

Embrace timeless elegance with Sandstone Effect concrete sleepers.

Craft a sophisticated, earthy ambiance with their rich hues and natural textures. These sleepers boast a block face pattern, offering a classic aesthetic reminiscent of genuine sandstone. Available in Natural or Graphite tones, they effortlessly blend into any landscape design. Engineered with 40MPA concrete and steel reinforcement, they guarantee strength and longevity. Elevate your outdoor space with the enduring beauty of Sandstone Effect concrete sleepers.

Colours Available: Natural & Graphite

Size: L: 1580 x H: 200 x W: 75mm or  L: 2000 x H: 200 x W: 75mm

Sleeper Weight: 1580mm - 60kg each - 2000mm - 83kg each

Max Wall Height: 800mm (3m when engineered)


Please Note: Sleepers vary in Length DO NOT concrete your posts in until you have got your sleepers.


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Why use concrete sleepers?                                                                            

  • Last considerably longer than timber walls
  • Are maintenance free
  • Will not rot, burn, warp, split or flake and are termite resistant
  • Provide structural strength and stability on all types of land
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • DIY - Easy to install


How can I clean the concrete sleeper?

Efflorescence, a white powder, may appear on Concrete Sleepers after moisture exposure. It's a natural process where salts and lime from the concrete surface. Easily remove it by washing with an acid solution, like a 20:1 water to hydrochloric acid mix. The stronger the solution, the coarser the Sleepers finish will become. Use lots of water to wash down cleaned area.