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Shatter Concrete Sleepers

Shatter concrete sleepers

Transform your garden with the stunning beauty of Shatter Concrete Sleepers. This unique design creates the illusion of a natural rock wall, bringing character and depth to your outdoor space. Pair them with any garden design and marvel at the instant sophistication they bring. Don’t settle for a lackluster garden – elevate it with the exquisite charm of Shatter Concrete Sleepers.

They are structurally engineered for retaining walls and steel reinforced with two N10 steel bars.

With our Shatter Concrete Sleepers, you can choose from two stunning colours, each with colour oxide mixed right through for a flawless finish. And once your wall is up, sealing it with clear concrete sealer will not only enhance the colour but also protect it from possible staining.

Why use concrete sleepers?                                                                     

  • last considerably longer than timber walls
  • are maintenance free
  • will not rot, burn, warp, split or flake and are termite resistant
  • provide structural strength and stability on all types of land
  • Environmentally Friendly


SHATTER SLEEPERS - Approximately 1825x200x80


PLEASE NOTE- Sleepers Vary in length DO NOT concrete your posts in until you have got your sleepers.

CLEANING CONCRETE SLEEPERS - Sometimes efflorescence may appear (white powder) after rain or heavy dew and frost. It is caused by the water evaporating out of the Concrete Sleepers and drawing salts and lime from the chemical composition of the concrete to the surface it is a natural thing concrete does, It is easily removed by washing the Concrete Sleepers Down with an acid solution.

Concrete Sleepers can be cleaned with 20 to 1 water to hydrochloric acid solution. Wet down sleepers first. Use a broom to apply the solution to the Sleepers. Apply the solution to the whole area so the concrete  stays consistent. Be sure to cover up so acid doesn’t go on you. The stronger the solution, the coarser the Sleepers finish will become. Use lots of water to wash down cleaned area.