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Lawn Launcher


Give Your Lawn a Superior Start with Lawn Solutions Lawn Launcher

Lawn Solutions Lawn Launcher—a premium blend of fertiliser and Moisture Magnets Premium Water Crystals, providing your new lawn with an exceptional start. Perfect for laying new lawns or growing from seed, it fosters strong plant and root establishment. Lawn Launcher's high-quality fertiliser supplies essential nutrients, while moisture magnets mitigate water restrictions and extreme heat, ensuring optimal hydration for your lawn. Apply on top of the soil before laying a new lawn. Suitable for all lawns and most plants

Size: 3kg

Coverage: up to 100m2

Lawn type: All lawns and most plants

Material: Fertiliser and Moisture Magnets

Organic: No

When to apply: On top of the soil before laying new lawn.



How do I apply the lawn launcher?
Light rake into Turf Underlay to a depth of approximately 30mm before installing turf. Do not apply to top surface of lawns.

What is the application rate?
See table below for the application rate