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Smooth Concrete Sleepers

Smooth concrete sleepers give a plain modern look, and work great under a colorbond fence, They look great with any garden design, steel reinforced with two 12mm steel bars. There are 3 colours to choose from. Sealing with clear concrete sealer is an option once your wall is installed by sealing the sleepers it will enhance the colour and protect it from possible staining.

Why use concrete sleepers?                                                                                

  • last considerably longer than timber walls
  • are maintenance free
  • will not rot, burn, warp, split or flake and are termite resistant
  • provide structural strength and stability on all types of land
  • Environmentally Friendly

Smooth 1.8
SIZE – Approx. 1800x200x80, 2000x200x80 or 2350x200x80
COLOUR – Charcoal, Beach, Tan or Natural
WEIGHT – 67kg for 1800, 76kg for 2000 & 90kg for 2350

PLEASE NOTE: Sleepers vary in Length Do NOT concrete your post in until you have got your sleepers.