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Solona Pot with feet

Solona Pot with feet

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The Stylish and Practical Solona Pot with feet

The Solona Pot with feet sounds like a versatile addition to any home! Its modern design and textured pattern add a touch of sophistication, while the option to choose from two sizes allows for flexibility in personalising your space. Plus, the use of painted terracotta gives it a natural, earthy feel that can complement a variety of decor styles. Whether you're looking to showcase your favourite plants or simply add a decorative accent to your room, this pot seems like a stylish and practical choice.

Small: 14 x 12cm
Medium: 17 x 15cm

Small: 613g
Large: 1kg

Material: Terracotta

Features: Textured pattern, drainage hole and plug

Suitable Outdoors: Yes*

Approx. amount of soil needed:
Small: 1.5 litres
Large: 3 litres

*colours may fade overtime in direct sunlight

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