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Top Soil

Revitalize your lawn effortlessly with our premium Sandy Soil Mixture, designed to restore your grass to its former glory. Perfect for addressing uneven surfaces and low spots, this specialized blend offers the ideal solution for achieving a smooth, uniform lawn surface. Crafted with care, our mixture combines high-quality sandy soil with essential nutrients, ensuring optimal growth and resilience for your grass. Simply apply over existing turf to level imperfections and promote healthy regrowth. Reclaim the beauty of your lawn and enjoy a lush, revitalized landscape with our Sandy Soil Mixture – your key to a flawless, picture-perfect yard.

Approx Weight per m3: 1.3 Tonnes

Does this product compact? Yes

Ideal Applications: Lawns, Raised Garden Beds, Flower Gardens

Is this product available for delivery: Yes! Give our friendly staff a call on 02 6762 0650 to organize your delivery today!