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Torpedo Base Block

Size: L: 400mm x D: 280mm x H: 100mm

Qty per l/m: 2.5

Qty per pallet: 72

Qty per tonne: 47

Colours: Natural


  • Curved r/walls (convex)
  • Curved r/walls (concave)
  • Straight retaining walls
  • Colour: grey - it is designed to be rendered


About Torpedo™ Base Block

The preparation and base installation of any retaining wall is the most difficult and time consuming part of the wall's construction. Ensuring the base foundation is solid and level is the most crucial element to ensure the success and finished aesthetic of the wall.

The Torpedo™ Base Block is the easiest and quickest way to take the guesswork out of wall construction by providing a simple and time saving method for creating durable and level foundations.

  • Torpedo? Base Blocks may replace the need for roadbase and compaction in unreinforced walls
  • Saves money usually wasted burying the first course
  • Torpedo? base blocks reduce challenges with screeding and levelling
  • Suitable for use under any segmental block wall system
  • Straight Retaining Walls
  • Curved Retaining Walls (Convex)
  • Stepping stones and step treads
  • Curved Retaining Walls (Concave)