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Trio Cascade Small Fountain


Introducing the Trio Cascade Small Fountain, a perfect addition to garden spaces. With dimensions of 70cm x 90cm and a 240V pump, it ensures efficient operation. Its stylish design brings serenity and elegance to any outdoor area.

The Trio Fountain by Northcote Pottery is a multi-level water feature that enhances garden landscapes. Let it seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space. Enjoy its tri-level design, easy installation, and versatile color options.

Colours: Charcoal

Size: 75cm long x 75cm wide x 90cm high

Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete

Does this fountain have LED Lights? No

Is this fountain supplied with a pump? Yes! This fountain is supplied with a 240 Volt Electric Pump.

Is this fountain compatible with a solar pump? Absolutely. The best size Solar Pump for this water feature would be

Please Note: Fountains with LED lights are compatible with solar pumps however the LED lights will not work when running on the solar pump.