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Turfstone® Pavers

The Ultimate Solution for Soil Erosion Control

Introducing Turfstone®: Your Ultimate Land Stabilisation Paver. Designed to control soil erosion, it's robust and versatile. Perfect for driveways, pathways, and agricultural use, it allows water permeation and grass growth, preventing muddy patches. Transform your outdoor spaces with this functional solution

Colours Available: Natural

Size: L: 387mm x D: 290mm x H: 90mm

Weight: 13.16KG

Quantity per m2: 8.86

Quantity per l/m: 2.58

Quantity per pallet: 96

Quantity per tonne: 76

Material: Concrete

Recommended Use: Permeable Paving, Agricultural, Driveways, Paths

Slip Rating: P5 (very low slip risk)


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