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Versawall® Retaining Wall Blocks

The Versawall® system is a unique interlocking retaining wall system perfect for constructing pure vertical DIY walls and planter boxes to 800mm in height or up to 1400mm with engineering and No Fines Concrete.

Colours Available: Charcoal, Sunstone, Oatmeal



Size: L: 400mm D: 215mm x H: 200mm

Qty per m2: 12.5

Qty per l/m: 2.5

Qty per pallet: 60

Qty per tonne: 48

Corner (L & R)

Size: L: 390mm D: 215mm x H: 200mm

Units per Pallet: 60

Units per Tonne: 48

Split Cap

Size: L: 300mm D: 240mm x H: 60mm

Number per lineal metre: 3.33

Units per Pallet: 144

Units per Tonne: 120



  • Vertical retaining walls
  • Garden steps
  • Straight garden walls
  • Commercial retaining walls
  • Maximum unreinforced height: 800mm + Cap (4 courses) or up to 1400mm with no fines concrete.


About Versawall®

Versawall® blocks by Adbri Masonry feature a large split face texture that results in a natural rock appearance. They stack together easily making them perfect for all DIY segmental retaining walls, garden edging and planter boxes.

  • Large block face for a modern look
  • Tongue and groove joints on the end of each block
    for easy installation
  • Split face texture provides natural rock look
  • Vertical retaining walls
  • Straight garden walls
  • Commercial retaining walls
  • Garden steps
  • Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 800mm or higher with engineering advice
  • * Fire Pits - When blocks are min 500mm from flame or a steel insert is used.