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Washed River Sand

Washed River Sand

Introducing our Washed River Sand, a pristine selection sourced from natural river beds, meticulously cleaned to ensure fantastic quality. Designed to meet the diverse needs of equestrian enthusiasts and landscaping aficionados alike, this versatile sand serves as the perfect bedding material for horses, offering a comfortable and hygienic environment. Its fine texture and purity make it an excellent choice for horse arenas, providing optimal traction and stability for equine activities.

But the benefits extend beyond the stables. Our Washed River Sand is also a preferred option for landscaping projects, particularly for leveling surfaces under dry-lay pavers. Its consistent grain size and superior drainage properties create a stable foundation, ensuring the longevity and durability of your outdoor spaces.

Sourced for those who demand nothing but the best, our Washed River Sand epitomizes quality and reliability. Whether you're a professional equestrian seeking the finest bedding material or a homeowner striving for perfection in your landscaping endeavors, trust in our sand to exceed your expectations. Experience the difference that premium-grade sand can make in your projects and elevate your standards with our Washed River Sand.

Approximate Weight per m3: 1.3 Tonnes

Does this product compact? No

Ideal Applications: Horse Arenas, Under Dry-Lay Pavers, Kids Sand Pits, Leveling Surfaces

Is this product available for delivery: Yes! Give our friendly staff a call on 02 6762 0650 to organize your delivery today!

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