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With Gratitude - Diffusers


Claire Summers created her "With Gratitude" collection after experiencing a deeply traumatic period in her life. The daily practice of expressing gratitude was the thing that helped pull her through. 

This collection is about capturing the spirit of living, celebrating life, treasuring memories and expressing words of love. 

Weight - 561g

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Heart Note - Magnolia to open the heart.

Soul Notes - Grapefruit to honour the body. Bergamot for self acceptance. Patchouli for grounding. Wild Orange for abundance. 



Heart Note - Summer peach to stimulate passion & connection.

Soul Notes - Aphrodisiac qualities of jasmine & vanilla. 



Heart Note - Caramelized sugar & warm milk to drift away.

Soul Notes - Vanilla to induce sleep. Nutmeg to de-stress.



Heart Note - Lilac and sweet pea to stimulate your heart centre.

Soul Notes - Wildfires to release the power within.