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Link Edge Heavy Duty Lengths

Link Edge Heavy Duty Lengths


Upgrade your garden design with Link Edge Heavy Duty Garden Edging, the ultimate solution for precise borders and pathways. Crafted from premium aluminium, this edging system ensures both durability and aesthetic appeal, offering a seamless blend of function and style for your outdoor space.

Designed for gardening perfectionists seeking design freedom, Link Edge aluminium garden edging is your go-to choice for creating defined boundaries and maintaining pristine landscapes. Its versatility allows you to sculpt clean lines between lawn and path or delineate distinct garden areas with ease.

The Link Edge Heavy Duty stands out as a cost-effective, long-term solution for border management. Engineered from high-quality aluminium, it boasts weatherproof resilience and effortless installation, requiring no specialized tools for setup. With Link Edge, achieving a polished garden aesthetic has never been simpler.

Experience the benefits of aluminium edging firsthand. Unlike alternatives, aluminium resists rust, cracks, and fading, maintaining its integrity over time. Say goodbye to sharp edges and constant repainting—Link Edge delivers enduring performance with minimal maintenance.

Choose from a range of heights—50mm, 75mm, or 100mm—all in 3m lengths to suit your landscaping needs. Add a pop of personality with powder-coated color options, elevating your garden design to new heights.

Enhance your gardening experience with Link Edge accessories, including spikes and joiners, sold separately for added convenience. Transform your outdoor oasis with precision, durability, and style—choose Link Edge Garden Edging for the perfect finishing touch to your garden design ideas.

    Please Note: All Powder coated pieces need to be ordered in


    What is the difference between the Original Link Edge and the Heavy Duty Link Edge?
    The Link Edge Heavy Duty is perfect for commercial grade installations. It's recommended for areas that require higher rates and quantities of compacted fill on one side of the edging only whereas the Original lengths are more suited to ordinary garden installations. 
    If the Original Lengths are more what you are after you can view those here

    Can I get Link Edge lengths in any colour other than raw aluminium?

    Yes! You can choose between 5 different powder coating colours listed below.
    Sable Bass, Weathered Steel, Matte Black, Elements Black & Sable Asteroid 
    Please note: There is a minimum order quantity of 10 powder-coated pieces.

    Is Link Edge D.I.Y Friendly? 
    Absolutely! The Link Edge system has been designed with beginner DIY people in mind! The 3 step system is as easy as Shape, Link & Spike, the hardest part is going to be deciding where to stop!

    What if i don't need a full 3 metres for my project? 
    No worries! Because Link Edge is made of super thin (yet sturdy) aluminium, you can cut your 3 metre piece to whatever your desired length is with either an angle grinder or just a hand saw!

    What if i need it to be longer to 3 metres? 
    That is also no worries! The Link Edge Lengths can be joined together with what is called a "Fishplate Connector" which looks like this: 

    Now I've got my lengths, what else do i need to install this? 
    It all depends on the layout you are wanting for your link edge, but as a general rule for the Heavy Duty Link Edge we recommend 8 spikes per each 3 metre length (this can vary if you are putting larger curves in your lengths as it may need more spikes to keep it securely in place). 
    If you are making any squares or rectangles, there is also the option for 90 degree corners if required. 
    For the Heavy Duty lengths there is also the option for "Spike Guides" as well. These sit in the runner of the length and your spikes goes through the guide to stop any bending or movement in the height of the piece when there is material pressing hard against the length.  

    All installation accessories are sold separately, you can view those here 

    Chasing an installation guide?
    You can learn everything you need to know here:

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